Danny & Alice

Danny & Alice

February 01, 2018

1) What location did you pick for your wedding photoshoot and why did you choose this place? 


We had 2 outdoor locations - Lower Seletar Reservoir and National Gallery Singapore. 

I chose Lower Seletar Reservoir mainly because we used to date in this area previously and we had a few fishing session together there during our dating journey as well. So we wanna add this into our memories which we can reminisce!


As for National Gallery Singapore, I really like the old Victorian building look of it and thought it could be great to put them in our photos. 





2) Do you have a colour scheme or theme? Why did you choose it? 


We had navy blue formal theme for our wedding ceremony in the morning. I chose this theme because asian skin can really pull off this colour and all of them look glamorous in the photos!





3) What was the most memorable part of your wedding?


I guess the most memorable part of my wedding would be the tea ceremony. That is when we are officially part of each other’s families!





4) Why did you choose BB for your bridal party?


BB has given us a lot of choices in terms of styles and even colours! The different styles caters to the various bodies of my bridesmaids and it actually fit them just fine! It has never been so easy to find dresses that suit all of my 6 bridesmaids altogether. 





5) Any advice or tips for anyone planning for their wedding? 


Fret not and enjoy every single moment of planning your dream wedding because it’s the only one chance!





6) Describe your wedding in One Word.





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